Research Labs & Areas

Cognitive Science is the study of how we perceive, act, and reason about and form beliefs about our environment. It is an interdisciplinary approach to study the brain, mind and behaviour by embracing neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, linguistics and anthropology to create cognitive models. It is playing an increasingly important role in many areas of engineering and technology like artificial intelligence, cyborg intelligence, human factors, usability engineering, creativity-support systems, movies, music cognition, assistive systems, brain-computer interfaces, serious games, and so on. The CogSci lab at IIIT is further divided into departments, depending on the research topics being worked on. Each department is headed by one faculty member.


Perception Engineering Group

Dr. Kavita Vemuri


Perception & Cognition

Dr. Priyanka Srivastava


Music Cognition Group

Dr. Vinoo Alluri


Brain, Cognition & Computation Lab

Dr. Raju S. Bapi


Memory & Neurodynamics Lab

Dr. Vishnu Sreekumar


Stress & Cognition Lab

Dr. Bhaktee Dongaonkar